Use the Pretty Soap

We all have things that are “good” and “special” in our home. I’m talking about items that were made to be used. We save them because someone special gave them to us, they cost a lot of money or we’re waiting for that perfect moment. Listen to me, please. Use that special item now.

I worked with a client a year or so ago, helping her to organize her studio (I’ll call her Ann). She fits the demographic of a lot of my clients: Female, Baby Boomer, smart, talented, creative.  As such, she has a lot going on in her life and collects a lot of stuff. Add into the mix the fact that she recently lost her mother which led to bringing  home more stuff to go through and think about and decide what to do with. Exhausting.

As we worked together, we talked and shared stories and ideas as usually happens. Ann told me about her mom.  She told me that as she cleared out her mother’s home, she found a beautiful bar of soap that someone had given her (it may have even been Ann herself).  Ann explained it made her sad that her mother had not ever found that perfect moment or reason to use the pretty soap.

The pretty soap was among the items Ann brought home. She decided to use it herself. She told me that every time she used it in the shower, she remembered her mother and cried. She cried until she used it up.

Of course nothing lasts forever, so why even try to make it so? Honor yourself, your friends and family by eating hamburgers served on your grandmother’s china. It’s not doing anyone any good gathering dust in the cabinet. Tell them the stories of other meals you ate on these plates – the meals your grandma made. Write letters to your friends and relatives on the pretty stationery and hand-made cards. Spritz on the fancy-schmancy perfume.

Life is short and meant to be enjoyed.  Use the pretty soap.